Contract Labour Management System

Labour as well as effective labour deployment is so essential in today’s growing and cost competitive world. Every industry needs Human Resource! Whether it is casual or permanent? Contract labours in any organization need to be controlled and monitored as it can result in huge revenue saving in terms of getting full money’s worth of manpower deployed.

With CLMS the contracted labour force gets verified at the point of entry itself for quality and quantity specified to the labour supplier. The system verifies the person (labour) coming into the premises through series of built-in checks. It also verifies the skill-type requested and the particular person in the wish list.

Project Details

Client Mumbai Intl Airport, Delhi Metro
Skills System Integration, MIS
View Work Force Attendance Recording and Varification

Salient Features

  • Identity verification through Biometric and Image comparison.
  • Attendance can be daily or shift wise.
  • Comprehensive reports (daily attendance report, number of days attended, suspicious labour list, etc.)
  • Feature of barred list, for preventing black listed labour from entering into the premises.
  • Easy shift creation forms.
  • Wish list creation facility for selecting particular labour for a
  • particular shift or day.

Attendance (Entry / Exit) Kiosk:

Records actual entry/exit to & from the place of work or the building:

  • Very useful where in a complex, a common gate is provided for many buildings / towers.
  • Dis-allows entry into wrong building / gate.
  • Accurate time stamp of entry and exit from the premises.
  • Repeated verification of the Identify.
  • Instant pop-up notifications on attendance events at Kiosk.
  • Significant source of tracking proxy attendance, Barring Black listed labour / contractors from entering into the building / organization addition to efficient labour management.

CLMS Advantages:

  • Generates automated labour pass with photo ID, color code and barcode.
  • Biometric identification possible (optional using FP device).
  • Inbuilt facility to control allotted timings for entry and exit.
  • Easy channeling of workers to a particular zone using Entry Controlling the rotation of duty roster and monitoring at deployment zones.
  • There is an option of each and every labour can be given a biometric RFID card by which it becomes possible to monitor the actual time spent by the labour at his place of actual deployment giving bird eye view of employee movement.
  • System can be Standalone or Networked System.
  • Module for Medical / Training report interface.

Specially Designed For:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Airports
  • Defense Establishments
  • Government Offices
  • Private Organizations
  • Rail Transport
  • Banks
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Building Complexes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Public Utility
  • Special Economic Zones

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May 21, 2015